Refund policy

You must return your goods within 30 days.

If your order is to be used as a gift, you can write a comment in the order when the gift is to be given. The 30 days for return applies from that day.

To request a return please follow the instructions below

1. Logon to your customer account with email address used for the order here:


2. Open the order you wish to return (partially or fully) from the list. Click ‘request refund’ and follow the instructions

3. Within two business days you will receive an email from us when we have approve your return. If the return is approved you will receive a return label with instructions in this mail.

4. If you wish to return an item received as a gift, or struggle to find your order, please send our customer support team an email on

If you have questions or need help with something, you are always welcome to write to us at

Return of an order purchased with a promotional offer:

The conditions for returning orders purchased with promotional offers can be found here.