Size guide for rings:

If you do not already know your ring size, you can easily measure it. When measuring your ring size, be aware that your fingers are smaller when they are cold, and larger when they are warm. It is therefore important that you measure the circumference of your fingers when they are as close to your normal temperature as possible.


Ring size

44 mm


46 mm


48 mm


50 mm


52 mm


54 mm


56 mm


58 mm


60 mm


62 mm


64 mm


How to measure the circumference of your finger:

Use either a string or a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around the finger you want to wear the ring on. You mark where the string/strip meets when it is wrapped comfortably around the finger. Straighten out the string / strip and measure how many millimeters it is within the marked area.

Great! Now you have the circumference of your finger and with that your ring size.


At Sisi Copenhagen, we sell necklaces in many lengths. Our basic chains (Simple link chain and simple ball chain) are available in lengths 42, 45, 50, 60, and 80 cm.

It is always a good idea to measure some of your necklaces you already have at home before deciding what length to wear. In this way, you have a better idea of ​​how the necklace fits you.

When measuring your own necklace, place the chain on a flat surface and measure the chain from one end to the other. Make a note of the length and use it as a guide when buying your next necklace.

Our different necklace lengths:

40 cm: We sell some necklaces in 40cm, which is close to being what is called a choker. The necklace is very short and sits close around the neck. It is therefore important to be aware of this when buying such a short chain. Necklace in 40 cm is good to combine with other longer necklaces but can also be used on its own for a simpler expression.

42cm: 42 cm is the shortest length we sell among our basic chains (Our Simple link chain and Simple ball chain). Necklaces with a chain of 42 cm are quite short and good if you want the chain to hang just over the neck of the sweater.

45 cm: 45 cm is one of the most popular lengths we have. The necklace in this length fits pretty much everyone but can of course appear a little short on some people. The necklace hangs nicely if you have a V-neck sweater or a sweater with a high neck where you want the chain to hang over the neck.

50 cm: Another of our most popular lengths is our 50 cm necklaces. The necklace is a good medium length that goes down to about the middle of the chest. The length works for most occasions and can be used by everyone.

60 cm: Our necklaces of 60 cm are one of our slightly longer chains. The 60 cm chains go down over the chest - but this can of course vary from person to person. A necklace of 60 cm is ideal to combine with other shorter chains but can also be used on its own with a nice pendant attached to it.

80 cm: Our 80 cm necklaces are the longest we have. The necklaces of 80 cm are long and go down to around the beginning/middle of the belly. The necklaces of 80 cm can be worn on their own with a pendant but can also be combined with other necklaces.