$12.00 USD


Earring pendants with freshwater pearls

Our Eloise earring charma are made in 100% recycled 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver with one or several white freshwater pearls.

The Eloise charms are available with one, two, or three small white pearls. We call them 'mono', 'duo' or 'trio'. You can buy them separately, or all three together. You can also choose whether you want to purchase them as a singles or as a pair. In other words - you can mix and match them as you want!

Earrings are not included with this product. If you want a pair of earrings where the pendants are already assembled, you can buy our Eloise earrings here.

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With our earrings and charms, you can unfold your creative side and design the perfect earring of the day - combine the creoles pendants for your personalized look.