$167.00 USD


Silver jewelry set with bracelet, ring and necklace

Jewelry set in 925 sterling silver. This set consists of a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring.

The Moana jewelry has a beautiful dynamic design, inspired by the sea. The design has soft engravings that give the illusion of moving waves. If you are a fan of nature and jewelry inspired by it, our Moana jewelry set might be perfect for you!

The bracelet is 16cm long with an extension piece of 4cm, giving a full length up to 20cm. The necklace is 40cm long, of which the pendant constitutes 4cm. The necklace has a 5cm extension piece, giving a full length up to 45cm. The ring measures 9mm at its widest place.

Our Moana set is also available in gold-plated sterling silver.